Fraud Intelligence Manager Pathway

Fraud Intelligence Manager Pathway

Data, intelligence and learning are the core pillars of fraud prevention and investigation. As a fraud intelligence specialist, your skills and knowledge will not only place you at the forefront of fighting fraud, but give you access to a range of career opportunities across the public and private sectors.

Our Fraud Intelligence Pathways are designed to provide you with the core foundations of intelligence, alongside practical skills in key areas of fraud detection and investigation. 

The Fraud Intelligence Manager Pathway also teaches the core foundations of intelligence, but combines them with additional modules to help you get the best out of a fraud team, and work with other teams and departments. 

Ideal for new or returning managers, or managers who are expanding their areas of responsibility, the Fraud Intelligence Manager Pathway will provide you with the additional skills and expertise that you need to take the helm in any fraud intelligence department, and effectively manage your people. 

Module details

The Fraud Intelligence Manager Pathway teaches the same modules as the Fraud Intelligence Officer Pathway, accompanied by shorter sub-modules that help you understand how to manage staff within those areas and roles, and get the most out of other departments that cover those capabilities:

Intelligence Foundation
+ Intelligence Officer/Analyst Management 

Verifying Customer Identities 
​+ Verification Management 

Investigating on the Dark Web
+ Dark Web Investigation Management ​

Data Analytics
​+ Data Analytics Management

Multi-Source Intelligence Management
Solidify your knowledge by role-playing practical scenarios of the skills and knowledge you have learned.

Entry requirements

 Good written English required. No prior experience in fraud intelligence or management required.

Schedule & Teaching

The Pathways are designed and delivered by Peter Darby Associates working in partnership with the Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy. You’ll undertake the course on Peter Darby Associates’ online learning platform, accessible 24/7, so you can study at your own pace.

Duration: 35-50 hours for each Pathway.