Data Analytics (Foundation course)

Data Analytics (Foundation course)

It’s one thing to say that data looks problematic when you are investigating fraud – but another to prove it. Learn to understand fraud in data and carry out investigative data analysis

Module details

This foundation level course is ideal for those wishing to start out in the arena of data analysis in fraud prevention or investigation, or who have roles or responsibilities that require the ability to understand fraud in data and carry out investigative data analysis. Examples of the latter might be detecting changes in customer registration patterns that indicate fraud.


  • You’ll understand how data analytics fits into fraud investigations.
  • You’ll gain a strong foundation of using Microsoft Excel for investigative work.
  • You will understand how to prepare and clean your data for analysis.
  • You’ll learn how to conduct sampling in a professional manner.


  • You will learn how to conduct broad analysis for inconsistencies that can signal fraud, such as non-random patterns and duplication.
  • You will gain an understanding of detection methodologies such as Benford Analysis, the Luhn Algorithm and Relative Size Factoring.
  • You will drill down into the data using outlier analysis to detect anomalies in the data which can point to fraud.


  • You will learn how to record your findings in an effective manner.
  • You will develop methodologies of charting and displaying your data for use in counter-fraud investigations.
  • You will understand how to present your analysis in a professional report for wider dissemination.




Entry requirements

This course requires the user to have access to Microsoft Excel or similar software, although no previous experience in Microsoft Excel is required. Similarly, the course requires no pre-knowledge of data analysis.

Schedule & Teaching

Learners will self-study via our trusted third party trainer online platform, with practical assessments and one-to-one support from the trainer. This course has an estimated time commitment of 12-18 hours.

If you are making a debit or credit card booking, you will be able to start this course within 5 working days.

If you select to pay by invoice, you will be given access to the course only when full payment has been made. Invoices must be paid within 30 days.