Intelligence - A Foundation Course

Intelligence - A Foundation Course

Do you want to embark on a career in intelligence? Do you already work in or with intelligence, and want to gain the skills and expertise you need to further your ambitions?

The Intelligence Pathway is designed and developed by leading experts and will provide you with essential expertise in the key areas of intelligence. You’ll build a broad set of skills that will form the foundation of a fulfilling and successful career in this fast paced and rewarding field.

Module details

The course is highly practical, teaching you to understand and uncover intelligence as well as analyse it. You’ll learn how to gather intelligence from a range of sources, understanding which require regulatory permissions or warrants to maximise efficiency and focus your time. You’ll also touch on the parameters set by GDPR to ensure your handling and sharing of the intelligence you cover is robust and admissible. You’ll accurately record your evidence, and write clear reports and insightful risk assessments.

Understanding Intelligence

  • Understand the clear delineation between data, information and intelligence, and how to distinguish between strategic and operational intel.
  • Know how intelligence is used effectively as part of an investigation.
  • Explore the Intelligence Cycle and National Intelligence Model – core parts of the intelligence framework.

Uncovering Intelligence

  • Explore a range of sources – from humans to the internet, electronic signals to financial information, as well as lesser-known alternatives.
  • Understand the difference between open and closed sources, and when best to use them.
  • Learn how to grade your intelligence to evaluate its reliability and validity, in line with current standards.

Analysing Intelligence

  • Firmly rooted in practical learning.
  • Understand intelligence charting and practical analysis methods (such as Telephone and Linguistic analysis)
  • Explore alternative analysis types, including Quantitative Data Analysis.

Sharing Intelligence

  • Adhere to core GDPR principles.
  • Capture methodologies and evidencing.
  • Write and format reports and risk assessments to a professional standard

Entry requirements

Good written English required.

Schedule & Teaching

This course is available to complete through online self-study on our trusted third party tutor bespoke learning platform with one-to-one support and guidance from the experts.

We estimate it takes 12-16 hours to complete the course, which can be started and finished at a pace and time to suit you and your commitments.

If you are making a debit or credit card booking, you will be able to start this course within 5 working days.

If you select to pay by invoice, you will be given access to the course only when full payment has been made. Invoices must be paid within 30 days.