Investigating on the Dark Web

Investigating on the Dark Web

The Dark Web is a trove of data and information when conducting fraud investigations - Stolen customer accounts, fraudulent templates and leaked information about your business and fraud procedures can all be found on the Dark Web. However, navigating the Dark Web effectively is challenging in many ways. This course teaches you how to operate in the Dark Web safely, ethically, and legally, using robust methodologies.

Module details

Understand the Dark Web

  • You’ll gain a foundation understanding of networking and the internet
  • You’ll understand what the Dark Web is and how criminals use it to stay anonymous
  • You’ll learn the legal and operational issues around the use of the Dark Web

Explore the Dark Web

  • You’ll understand how to access and use the Dark Net safely and anonymously.
  • Learn how to search Dark Net marketplaces for fraudulent items related to your business (such as stolen customer accounts for sale, or tutorials on how to bypass your counter-fraud measures)
  • Gain an understanding of tools and methodologies that can be used to assist in Dark Web investigations.

All about Cryptocurrency

  • You’ll understand how cryptocurrencies work, and their criminal value.
  • You’ll learn how to buy and use cryptocurrency safely and anonymously.
  • Develop a foundation understanding of blockchain analysis.

Finally, you’ll explore how to use what you’ve learnt in fraud investigations, and put together a professional intelligence report of your findings.

Entry requirements

This course is aimed at fraud investigators, strategists, and security teams who may need to search and use the Dark Web. 

This course requires familiarity with computers and the internet. Learners will need to install the ’Tor Browser’ software on their systems. 

Schedule & Teaching

Learners will self-study via the online platform of our trusted third party trainer (Peter Darby Associates), with practical assessments and one-to-one support from the trainer.

This course has an estimated time commitment of between 8-12 hours and learners will start and study at their own pace. 

If you are making a debit or credit card booking, you will be able to start this course within 5 working days.

If you select to pay by invoice, you will be given access to the course only when full payment has been made. Invoices must be paid within 30 days.