Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy is absolutely transformational in the way that we set about tackling fraud.

Our tutors were FANTASTIC!

Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy

The Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy is the home of accredited education and trusted training in fraud prevention and investigation, and cybercrime and online fraud.

Build a recognised and tailored career path in fraud prevention and investigation

Regulated qualifications and certified courses enable you to curate you own bespoke path to career success. Our short courses allows you to be agile as you respond to changing fraud threats and trends, by gaining specialist skills in targeted areas.

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Develop the skilled and expert workforce you need to fight fraud

Our mission is to be the leading source of expert training and education in cyber and fraud prevention and investigation. We provide organisations with the courses, tools and expert guidance to empower employees with the skills and knowledge they need to protect their business, clients and customers.

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Be part of the UK’s fraud prevention community

The Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy is part of Cifas. Cifas leads the fight against fraud by sharing data, intelligence and learning. Our courses and qualifications are open to everyone, but Cifas member organisations have additional access to a wide range of benefits and services – from unique fraud data, to intelligence alerts and insights, to in-depth research and reports - to support their studies as well as protect their business.

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