October courses

Our upcoming courses in October offer a wealth of knowledge, tailored to meet your needs.

Take a look below to see the range of courses we have lined up and be sure to save your spot and unlock the benefits of our learner- centric approach to teaching ensuring that your unique needs and goals are at the heart of every course led by expert instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table!

Developing Counter Fraud Strategies

This two-day course gives you the founding understanding, knowledge and skills to develop and implement an effective and comprehensive counter fraud strategy.

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Digital Document Fraud

Digital documents are much more easily tampered with, copied or faked than hard copies – creating a greater risk of fraud. The Digital Document Fraud (Classroom) course will help you mitigate these risks by teaching ways to detect tampering with documents and emails.

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Internet & Open Source Investigations (Foundation)

Our Internet and Open Source Investigations course teaches you how to use the Internet more effectively for research and investigation. You will build on your investigative skills, gaining more knowledge about the Internet and World Wide Web, Internet jargon, current technologies and how to identify sources of evidence.

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Cifas Digital Fraud Practitioner

Certified by SFJ Awards, an independent national awarding body, the course will cover the main risk areas experienced by organisations, as well as highlighting key cyber fraud trends.

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Fraud Risk Assessment and Management

The Fraud Risk Management course gives you the skills and knowledge needed to undertake fraud risk management, including an understanding of the nature of fraud; an awareness of the fraud management model and the inter-dependency of its components; knowledge of the terminology and options involved with fraud risk management; the ability to plan and implement fraud risk management procedures; and, the capability to act and report on fraud risks as they start to occur.

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