Fraud Risk Assessment and Management

Fraud Risk Assessment and Management

Develop the skills and knowledge to identify, record, assess and act on fraud and economic risks facing your organisation. The Fraud Risk Management course gives you the skills and knowledge needed to undertake fraud risk management, including an understanding of the nature of fraud; an awareness of the fraud management model and the inter-dependency of its components; knowledge of the terminology and options involved with fraud risk management; the ability to plan and implement fraud risk management procedures; and, the capability to act and report on fraud risks as they start to occur.

Module details

The course will cover all the core techniques needed to introduce and maintain fraud risk management within an organisation. The course involves an interactive case study which provides hands on experience and the provision of tools and templates that learners can take away with them to use within their organisation. The purpose of these tools and templates is to help learners put into operational practice what they have learned on the course.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of fraud risk management
  • Prepare an annual fraud risk management plan
  • Identify fraud risks and prepare a fraud typology
  • Understand the difference between inherent and residual risk
  • Record and assess identified fraud risks in a fraud risk register – in both an Excel Spreadsheet and a database
  • Identify the controls and information needed to manage fraud risks
  • Design action plans to deal with significant residual fraud risks
  • Prepare a Fraud Risk Assessment document for use by senior management

Prepare an annual fraud risk management report

Entry requirements

No prior experience required. Open to UK, EU and international individuals working in roles to identify, record and manage organisational fraud and economic crime risks or looking to develop a career in the area.

Schedule & Teaching

Join us for two days of immersive, tutor-led online learning.