Identity Document Fraud

Identity Document Fraud

Our Identity Document Fraud Training will improve your knowledge about identity fraud and how it is committed. You’ll enhance your ability to identify fraudulent documents and learn how to recognise security features in common documents on our one-day course.

Module details

Identity fraud is on the increase. In the face of this increasingly pervasive crime, organisations need to be efficient in ascertaining if identity fraud has been committed and in reaching a quick resolution.

Our Identity Document Fraud Training will improve your knowledge about identity fraud and how it is committed. At the end of this one-day course you will be able to:

  • Identify the common security features in passports (UK and Foreign), driving licenses (UK and Foreign) and identity cards (Foreign) to determine whether a document is forged, counterfeit or fake;
  • Use forgery detection equipment and recognise counterfeit and forged documents;
  • Understand how a genuine document can be falsified or altered;
  • Understand the impact of identity fraud on the UK economy;
  • Understand the various types of identity fraud;
  • Understand the criminal legislation used to prosecute identity fraud;
  • Understand what constitutes primary and secondary identity fraud

The course is designed for anyone with a document verification role, including:

  • Front line staff;
  • Counter fraud investigators or those who identify fraudulent documents;
  • Those who are asked to examine identity documents on a regular basis;
  • Vetting, HR and Security officers in sensitive and vulnerable sites.

Entry requirements

No prior experience required.

Schedule & Teaching

One day

Classroom-based at our COVID-secure offices in Euston.  

Delegates are asked to bring both their current driving license and passport with them to aid in the practical sessions.


"Very insightful and interesting to see the many different security measures used and how to spot them."

"The course was very detailed and the instructor had very in depth knowledge of the subject an could use real life examples to illustrate."

"The course was exceptional, the attention to detail that had been put into the material was fantastic. I feel ready to tackle fraudsters head on!"

Emma Harrison

"Approachable and enjoyable- great real life examples would certainty attend further courses by provider."

"Course was really informative and interactive."