Failure to prevent

Failure to prevent

'The government is creating a new failure to prevent fraud offence to hold organisations to account if they profit from fraud committed by their employees. This will improve fraud prevention and protect victims. Whilst there are some existing powers to fine and prosecute organisations and their employees for fraud, the new offence will strengthen these, closing loopholes that have allowed organisations to avoid prosecution in the past.

Under the new offence, an organisation will be liable where a specified fraud offence is committed by an employee or agent, for the organisation’s benefit, and the organisation did not have reasonable fraud prevention procedures in place. It does not need to be demonstrated that company bosses ordered or knew about the fraud.' -

The Government’s drive for an ever greater strategy to prevent fraud and protect victims is seeing a new offence being introduced which will hold organisations to account if they benefit from fraud committed by their employees. Yes there are already existing powers to prosecute or fine organisations for fraud but this new offence will strengthen existing measures and close loopholes. Are you aware and ready? 

The Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy is ready to equip you and members of your organisation with education and knowledge you'll need to prevent and protect your organisation and demonstate prevention in line with the new offence.


Courses and classes:

Professional Certificate in Fraud Prevention

Our Professional Certificate in Fraud Prevention will equipped you with the necessary knowledge and understanding on how to check your fraud risk management and the options available to you. The course will take an in-depth look at the specified fraud offences under the Act and will look at how to assess and management your organisation’s fraud risk, as well as guidance on how to effectively implement risk assessment, controls and systems.  

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Learning to Prevent Webinars

The UK Government’s intention to introduce a new offence of “Failure to Prevent Fraud” under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act is a clear indication of its intention to reform corporate criminal liability. Like under the UK Bribery Act, a key feature of these prevention measures is likely to focus on the provision of training. Join Richard Owen and Ian Sales from Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention organisation, in discussing the likely scope and reach of the Act, as well as the important training solutions that can be offered to ensure that your organisation is ‘match fit ready’ for its introduction, expected this year.

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Fraud Risk Assessment and Management

Develop the skills and knowledge to identify, record, assess and act on fraud and economic risks facing your organisation. The Fraud Risk Management course gives you the skills and knowledge needed to undertake fraud risk management, including an understanding of the nature of fraud; an awareness of the fraud management model and the inter-dependency of its components; knowledge of the terminology and options involved with fraud risk management; the ability to plan and implement fraud risk management procedures; and, the capability to act and report on fraud risks as they start to occur.

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 Digital Learning, Apollo

Discover Apollo, our game-changing approach to digital learning that delivers universal fraud awareness training to your entire organisation, and sector-specific fraud intelligence to your specialist teams. Apollo uses immersive film, animation, and interactive storytelling to maximize engagement, driving positive behavioural change through experiential learning.

Who is it for?
Our digital learning is developed is designed for all organisations – from small businesses to multi-national corporations, from commercial and services, to public and voluntary sectors.

What is the benefit?
It allows you to train your entire workforce so that your people understand how to protect themselves and your organisation from fraud and financial crime. The learning is delivered in bitesize chunks (5-8 minutes) and can be completed to a timescale that suits the learner and your business needs. 

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