World class digital learning to fight fraud.

Your people are your first line of defence against fraud. With the right training, anyone can protect themselves and their organisation. Without it, anyone can become the weakest link.

A living, learning environment Personal awareness Business awareness Intelligence Packages

Discover Apollo, our game-changing approach to digital learning that delivers universal fraud awareness training to your entire organisation, and sector-specific fraud intelligence to your specialist teams. Apollo uses immersive film, animation, and interactive storytelling to maximize engagement, driving positive behavioural change through experiential learning.

Who is it for?

Our digital learning is developed is designed for all organisations – from small businesses to multi-national corporations, from commercial and services, to public and voluntary sectors.

What is the benefit?

It allows you to train your entire workforce so that your people understand how to protect themselves and your organisation from fraud and financial crime. The learning is delivered in bitesize chunks (5-8 minutes) and can be completed to a timescale that suits the learner and your business needs. 

How much does it cost?

The pricing model is based on the number of people within your organisation that will undertake the learning. There are pricing discounts for organisations that are members of Cifas. 

How do we access the learning?

 If you do not have your own learning management system, access would be provided through the Cifas Learning Management System (LMS) platform. If you have your own LMS, we facilitate access through your existing system. 

Can we trial Apollo?

Yes you can. We can offer trial periods for a select number of learners and we are more than happy to deliver no-commitment demonstrations of the learning.

A living, learning environment

Apollo is our digital learning environment that delivers universal training to your entire organisation, making them your first line of defence against fraud. A shining meta city complex, where gripping narratives and immersive interactivity help your people understand and recognise the fraud key threats they face in their personal and working lives. Supported by LIA, Apollo's omnipresent virtual assistant, they will come face to face with the criminals and their victims, and uncover the hidden fraud and corruption that stalks Apollo's workplaces.  


Personal awareness

Help your people protect themselves as individuals, and understand how others are targeted. From safeguarding personal information to the lurking dangers in plausible interactions - as their new life unfolds in the virtual city of Apollo, immersive interactions and chance encounters raise awareness of how and why they can be targeted, and what steps they can take to defend themselves.

  • Welcome to Apollo 0

    1. Welcome to Apollo

    A helicopter ride at dusk brings you to the Apollo Tower, where Dan and LIA help you settle in - and bring you up to date on the threats that await.

  • Rooftop Encounters 1

    2. Rooftop Encounters

    Networking drinks on the rooftop lead to a chance encounter with Stefan - who has a disturbing story of romance fraud and identity theft to tell.

  • You've Been Phished! 2

    3. You've Been Phished!

    A dystopian gameshow of social engineering pops up as you relax in front of the TV. Will the contestants protect their money and their identity - or will the fraudsters take all?

  • Too Good to Be True 3

    4. Too Good to Be True

    A familiar face from the rooftop bar turns out to be a popular online influencer - but her life may be about to come crashing down as she is drawn into the world of money muling.

  • Hidden Secrets 4

    5. Hidden Secrets

    A data breach crisis hits Apollo – and Dan reveals that a hidden secret has entangled him at the heart of it.

  • A Shocking Twist 5

    6. A Shocking Twist

    LIA takes you into the Intel Room to give you the advice and info you need to protect yourself – before new evidence reveals the shocking truth about who is targeting Apollo…

Business awareness

Help your people understand the key threats facing your business and how they themselves might be used and manipulated by fraudsters, whatever their role of position. They will become an investigator at Apollo , exploring key areas of the Apollo Corp business to uncover fraud and vulnerabilities. They'll discover that not everyone or everything is as it seems, and that wrongdoing can start at the bottom…and go all the way to the top.

  • The Investigation Begins 0

    1. The Investigation Begins

    Apollo is in crisis. You are tasked with finding the truth by investigating all the areas of the business to uncover the risks – and hunt out the perpetrators.

  • Stranger Danger 1

    2. Stranger Danger

    A new recruit recently joined Apollo, and Paul from HR is singing her praises. But just how closely did he look at her CV?

  • Bad Apples and Good Eggs 2

    3. Bad Apples and Good Eggs

    Operations Manager Caroline helps you identify potential suspects in the workforce, but even she might be missing crucial signs that her staff may be susceptible to committing crimes…

  • The Whistleblower 3

    4. The Whistleblower

    Investigating the procurement and invoicing processes throws up some alarming issues around supplier management and payments, courtesy of past Apollo employee Alex.

  • Cyber Attack 4

    5. Cyber Attack

    An email from top exec Nina turns out to be a phishing attempt, tricking employees into giving criminals access to the system – but how and why did it succeed? And could it have been stopped?

  • Eyes Peeled 5

    6. Eyes Peeled

    Investigate on the go, moving from home to café, office to after-work socials, spotting and highlighting security risks in the environment. How many did you get – and how many did you miss?

  • The Interrogation 6

    7. The Interrogation

    A familiar face is under interrogation – and the web of bribery and corruption revealed is just the start.

  • Kingpin Revealed 7

    8. Kingpin Revealed

    Time to wrap up– time to review the suspects and make your report. But does the trail of corruption extend further and higher than anyone thought possible?

Intelligence Packages

Our digital learning is uniquely designed to provide tailored learning to individual sectors. Every episode is accompanied by an intelligence package designed for those who specialise in, or have a responsibility for, preventing and investigating fraud in key areas of your business. Specific sectors we currently cover are: banking; public sector; financial services; insurance; lending; retail; telecommunications. If your sector isn't represented yet, the 'General' sector is designed to provide broader fraud risk data and intelligence for the whole of the UK. And we are continually working to provide a wider range of sector specific packages, including gaming and cryptocurrency.