Masterclass: Understanding the Fraud Risks from Generative AI

Masterclass: Understanding the Fraud Risks from Generative AI

The increasing use of generative AI tools by fraudsters is a growing concern for fraud control teams worldwide. AI voice, video, still images, text, and hybrid versions of these digital media are being widely exploited to create deep fake profiles and synthetic personas that are very effective at tricking victims into handing over money, passwords, and other sensitive data. Some parents have even reported that they are unable to tell the difference between their child’s actual voice and an AI rendition of the voice.

The key to managing this rapidly evolving threat is awareness at all levels. If you don’t know how generative tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney work, you are less likely to be able to spot today’s high quality AI outputs or give appropriate advice to customers and victims. 

This half-day masterclass (9:30am - 12:30pm), delivered by a leading digital fraud control trainer and practitioner, addresses the awareness challenge in an accessible and digestible way. You will learn how AI functions, what it does well and where its weaknesses lie, how to use AI tools with ease for fraud control or risk assessment purposes, how criminals are using AI, and what the future AI landscape looks like.”


Module details

The masterclass will cover the following areas: 

  • Generative AI Fundamentals Explained – from tokens and text to images and voice.
  • Using Generative AI for Online Reconnaissance
  • Creating Synthetic Online Personas with Generative AI
  • Creating Deep Fake images, Voices, and Profiles with Generative AI
  • Using Generative AI for Social Engineering
  • Cracking Passwords and Finding Website Vulnerabilities with Generative AI
  • Risks facing financial services decision-making AI systems
  • Enhancing Investigations with Generative AI
  • Enhancing Security Using Generative AI
  • The risks facing decision AI


Entry requirements

The masterclass is open to all. 

Schedule & Teaching

The session is held virtually via zoom and will run for 3 hours.