Internal Fraud Strategy Essentials

Internal Fraud Strategy Essentials

Internal fraud is a threat to every organisation. A rogue employee can cause significant damage, with financial, reputational, and legal consequences to consider – including the impact on staff morale and retention. Internal Fraud Strategy Essentials provides you with the essential information and skills you need to build the foundations of a strong defence against the threat and those who perpetrate it.

Engaging and interactive, combining tutor-led teaching with collaborative group working, pop-up surveys and open discussion, this one-day course starts with the fundamentals – what is internal fraud, and why is combatting it a priority? – before moving on to key elements to consider including stakeholder engagement, identifying gaps in your controls, and how to de-brief after an incident.  Best practice and cases studies will bring the subject to life , and you’ll leave with practical ‘top tips’ that you can share and a new or renewed confidence in your ability to face and tackle the threat.

Some of the reasons learners take this course include:

“I want to learn more about the strategy aspect of internal fraud”

“I want to know whether our current strategy is sufficient, or if we have gaps we need to plug”

“I have just secured my first HR role and want to start building my knowledge and skills”

“I’ve been tasked with writing a policy document on internal security and risk, and need help”


Module details

Internal Fraud Strategy Essentials offers the following learning outcomes. You will:

1.       Explore what internal fraud and the insider threat is, and the different types that target an organisation and its people

2.       Learn why combatting internal fraud should be a priority for you and your organisation, supported by exclusive and up-to-date stats and research

3.       Investigate why employees can become internal fraudsters, and what circumstances can cause this

4.       Discover why good stakeholder engagement is crucial, and how to engage effectively

5.       Recognise the benefits of implementing a zero-tolerance policy

6.       Delve into case studies to understand and learn from best practice – and not so good practice!

7.       Know what your internal fraud policy should cover

8.       Learn practical top tips and red flags to identify internal fraud


Entry requirements

Internal Fraud Strategy Essentials is ideal for those who want to establish a strong foundation for their internal fraud knowledge and skills, as well as those who want to refresh their existing knowledge and stay up to date with the latest developments, best practice and case studies. No prior experience in internal fraud or fraud prevention is required.    

People who take this course often have roles in HR, recruitment, counter-fraud, risk and compliance, and security. But anyone with an interest in or responsibility for protecting an organisation from internal fraud or other security risks will find the knowledge and skills it teaches useful.

Schedule & Teaching

One day course, online delivered via Zoom.