Combating Procurement Fraud for Teams

Combating Procurement Fraud for Teams

Procurement fraud is a threat that affects every organisation, in every sector — and the impact on an organisation, its employees and its customers or clients can be devastating.  Provide your teams with the skills and knowledge to understand, identify and respond to the threat, including the role of the insider.

Module details

Our bespoke programme includes up to date data, information and interactive case studies tailored to the organisation and sector.  We'll have an initial discussion with you to understand the challenges your particular business faces and identify your learning outcomes, shaping the course to fit your needs. Alongside a thorough deep dive into procurement, tailored content includes:

•    Red flags and warning signs to watch out for
•    The size and scale of the problem
•    The impact and consequences of the threat
•    Relevant legislation in an easy-to-understand format

The course also examines the role of the insider — from collusion to ‘revolving doors’, and the impact of the shift to widespread remote working.

Entry requirements

No entry requirements. This course is suitable for employees, teams or departments who have roles or responsibilities relating to procurement, or fraud prevention and investigation, within an organisation.

Schedule & Teaching

Experience interactive and engaging live teaching via zoom, spanning approximately three hours. Our flexible scheduling allows you to arrange the dates that suit your convenience. Please note that minimum numbers may apply, ensuring a dynamic learning environment for all participants. 


This course delivered practical tools and information to tackle procurement and insider fraud, with robust learning outcomes that were immediately evidenced in the work the team did when they returned to their roles.

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