Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme

Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme

Achieve certification as a Cifas Counter Fraud Manager. Fraud investigations require proficient and skilled oversight by managers and supervisors to succeed. This course teaches you how to create effective investigative strategies, make informed decisions and apply best practice – equipping you to excel in your management role and achieve successful investigative outcomes. 

Module details

The accredited Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme provides you with the comprehensive knowledge and insightful skills you need across six core Units:

Unit 1: Role and Responsibilities When Managing a Counter Fraud Team or Function

Learn the main leadership and management theories relevant to managing a fraud team. Understand the responsibilities of the role, how to motivate your team, and set and manage tasks. Explore the role of ethics and learn how to apply JAPAN principles to your team’s investigations. 

Unit 2: Risk Management and Decision Making in Investigations

Understand risk and decision making using the National Decision Making model and the College of Policing’s ten risk principles, learn how to identify and mitigate risk and make effective decisions.

Unit 3: Implementing the Fraud Deterrence and Investigation Models

Understand and apply the Fraud Investigation Model as a manager to maximise the efficiency and success of your investigations, and know the sanctions available to you. Know why corporate governance plays a key role in counter fraud. Learn how to undertake fraud health checks, and develop an effective deterrence strategy.

Unit 4: Principles of Investigation Planning and Management

Acquire planning and management skills, from developing your investigative strategy and hypothesis to making key decisions supported by robust rationale. Learn how to effectively review and monitor your progress as the investigation unfolds. 

Unit 5: Working Collaboratively With Third Parties

Explore the range of partner organisations and the roles within them that can help with your fraud investigation. Learn the benefits of co-operation with law enforcement and regulators, including how to utilise MoUs and data sharing agreements effectively. Become skilled in negotiation, including effective communication and co-ordination. 

Unit 6: Operational Learning, Structured Debriefs and Case Reviews

Understand how to gather and share your learning, and how to structure and prepare debriefs and case reviews.

Entry requirements

No prior entry requirements. No prior qualifications necessary. The course is suitable for those working in, or hoping to move into, Counter Fraud Management and want to become accredited as a Cifas Counter Fraud Manager. 

Schedule & Teaching

The Academy is committed to flexible study and learning. Modules are delivered online, and our innovative learning management system Moodle allows learners to log in 24/7, from any device, to access resources and teaching and submit assignments. 

Engage in four days of tutor-led online learning, conveniently scheduled from 9.30am to 4pm. Following the sessions, you will have six weeks to complete assignment work, providing ample time for understanding and application of the course material. 


"This course has helped widen my understanding of who a counter fraud manager is, what they do and how they fit into an organisation. It has given me more confidence within my current role and the direction it can go. I would recommend this course if you are a new fraud manager or if you would like to broaden your understanding of what and who a fraud manager is."

"The Counter Fraud Managers Programme was excellent. The delivery exceeded expectations, and I really feel I learned a lot. The coursework involved wasnt too complex, and was relevant to the information learned within the course. I would recommend the course!"                     

Nicole Law

"The course was very interesting and delivered by a trainer who clearly has a wealth of experience with the subject matter they were teaching on. I enjoyed the interactive case studies the most as it allowed us to put into practice the theory we were learning and discuss as a team."

“As a fraud investigator looking to move into management this course was extremely interesting. It conceptualises all the considerations you would need to take from a managers point of view so its set me up very well for taking a forward step in my career. It delves into investigation process too, but it clearly and practically defines the differences between look at cases of fraud from both a management point of view and also and investigative one. Overall a really great course and Steven was amazingly informative and approachable, offering assistance throughout the course and also outside of the scheduled training hours if extra help was needed.”

Joe Boggi

“A thorough and informative training course pitched at the right level and engaging throughout.”

“This course was just the right length, and packed full of useful and relevant information. Thank you!”

“I recently completed the SFJ Counter Fraud Manager Programme and would highly recommend this course to anyone working or seeking to work within counter fraud management. The course was expertly delivered by an experienced practitioner who not only provided a comprehensive understanding of the required managerial and leadership skills but also equipped me with practical skills and tools to take away and apply to my role working within a Local Government fraud service.”