Cifas Investigative Interviewing Specialist Programme

Cifas Investigative Interviewing Specialist Programme

Become certified as a Cifas Investigative Interviewing Specialist. Investigative interviewing is a critical skill and this certified course provides an in-depth and comprehensive overview of how to undertake an effective interview.

Course Module Details

The certified Investigative Interviewing Specialist Programme provides you with the comprehensive knowledge and insightful skills you need across six core Units:

Unit 1: The Principles of Investigative Interviewing

Explore the principles of investigative interviewing: looking at the components of the PEACE model, the necessity and benefits of interview training, and understanding the importance of ethical practice in relation to the principles.

Unit 2: Understanding the memory

Understand how to maximise memory recall by defining how the memory works, understanding the complexities around the creation of a false statement and exploring the concept of material attrition.

Unit 3: Core Investigative Interviewing Skills

Learn the core investigative skills required to prepare, plan and conduct an ethical and effective investigation.

Unit 4: Questioning typology

Discover the range of question types used in an interview and related techniques, including active listening and hearing skills, choosing the right questioning typology, and the role of non-verbal communication.

Unit 5: PEACE Model and the Principles of Conversation Management

Analyse the five parts of the PEACE model and their relevance, learn how to effectively manage a conversation, and explore the principles of cognitive interviewing techniques.

Unit 6: Structured recording of information

Gather, obtain and record relevant information for a witness during an interview using established methods, tools and resources, and learn how to record a structured witness, policy and subject matter statement.

Entry Requirements

No prior entry requirements.


Three days’ teaching, with six weeks allowed for assignment completion.


Three days of scheduled tutor-led online learning, commencing from the start date, followed by six weeks to complete assignment work. 

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Price: £588.00 (per delegate)
Membership price: £560.00 (per delegate)
Type: Certified courses for specialist skills
Topic: Skills for investigators

Available Dates

September 22, 2021 BOOK
March 9, 2022 BOOK


Accredited by SFJ Awards as part of their Custom Certification Service. Successful learners will receive a Certificate of Completion that confirms them as a certified Cifas Investigative Interviewing Specialist. 


Michael Betts

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