Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme

Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme

Become accredited as a Cifas Counter Fraud Manager. Fraud investigations require proficient and skilled oversight by managers and supervisors to succeed. This course teaches you how to create effective investigative strategies, make informed decisions and apply best practice – equipping you to excel in your management role and maximise your career potential.

Course Module Details

The accredited Cifas Counter Fraud Manager Programme provides you with the comprehensive knowledge and insightful skills you need across six core Units:

Unit 1: Understand the Role of the Fraud Investigation Manager

Learn the main leadership and management theories relevant to managing a fraud team. Understand the responsibilities of the role, how to motivate your team, and set and manage tasks. Explore the role of ethics and learn how to apply JAPAN principles to your team’s investigations. Understand risk and decision making Using the National Decision Making model and the College of Policing’s ten risk principles, learn how to identify and mitigate risk and make effective decisions.

Unit 2: Legislative Framework

Gain a solid understanding of the key legislative acts you’ll encounter in your role: the Fraud Act 2006, the Bribery Act 2010, the Criminal Procedures Investigations Act 1996 and the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Implementing the Fraud and Investigation Model Understand and apply the Fraud Investigation Model as a manager to maximise the efficiency and success of your investigations.

Unit 3: Principles of investigation planning and management

Acquire planning and management skills, from developing your investigative mindset and mitigating the impact of material attrition, to keeping accurate records and securing and handling material.

Unit 4: Fraud Investigation and Adopting A Strategic Approach

Develop your investigative hypothesis and the investigative strategies you’ll use, including setting parameters, the decision making process and the importance of peer reviews.

Unit 5: Working effectively with law enforcement agencies

Learn how to collaborate and work in partnership with other organisations, and how they can assist in fraud investigations. Explore how best to co-operate, communicate and negotiate, using memorandums of understanding and data sharing agreements.

Unit 6: Operational Learning, Structured Debriefs and Case Reviews

Understand how to gather and share your learning, and how to structure and prepare debriefs and case reviews.

Entry Requirements

No prior entry requirements.

Schedule & Teaching

Three days’ teaching, with six weeks allowed for assignment completion

Three days of scheduled tutor-led online learning, commencing from the start date, followed by six weeks to complete assignment work.

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Course fee: £1,045.00 (per delegate)
Course fee for Cifas members: £995.00 (per delegate)
Type: Certified courses for specialist skills
Topic: Skills for managers

Available Dates

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Certified as part of the SFJ Awards Custom Certification Service. Successful learners will receive a Certificate of Completion that confirms them as a certified Cifas Counter Fraud Manager. 


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