How we work with organisations

Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy helps organisations build a workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to prevent and investigate fraud.

Introductory sessions

We have developed a series of short talks designed to introduce teams to a range of concepts in the field - such as digital fraud, investigative interviewing and fraud risk strategies - and the complimentary courses and qualifications we provide.

As well as providing useful information, the sessions are designed to help professionals identify the learning that is most relevant to their role and career path, and where they might want to specialise now and in the future.

Learning Needs Analysis

A senior tutor will conduct an audit of the current skills and knowledge you have in your organisation, identify where the gaps are, and make recommendations of the training and learning required to support your objectives.

Organisational Learning Pathway

For organisations looking to embed professional fraud prevention and investigation learning at the heart of their organisational structure, Cifas will develop a complete Organisational Learning Pathway that could include:

  • Bespoke scheduling and delivery of our qualifications and courses to teams
  • Competitive price packages for our accredited Professional Certificates and certified courses
  • Learning credits that can be allocated across areas of study for flexibility throughout the year
  • Access to the Cifas’ fraud prevention community, and the wealth of fraud intelligence it generates
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