Masterclass: Tackling Procurement Fraud

Masterclass: Tackling Procurement Fraud

From kickbacks and 'quid pro quos' to false invoicing and bribery, procurement fraud is a threat to every organisation. It doesn't just have severe consequences for finances, but can also be devastating for reputation and morale. Prevention and detection is crucial to stop it taking hold.

Join us for our online masterclass to get started in understanding and tackling procurement fraud. We'll focus specifically on the impact and risks of procurement fraud both during COVID-19 and as the nation recovers from the pandemic.

  • Top tools and strategies to mitigate the risk of procurement fraud; 
  • An overview of what procurement fraud is and how it is committed;
  • Exploration of a new generation of ‘red flags’ that indicate procurement fraud is taking place - including how these have mutated during a major global incident;
  • How to safeguard yourself and your company against these new threats 
  • Insightful case study analysis of the NAO's report into procurement during the pandemic, and the lessons we can learn

The masterclass will be led by Mike Betts, Head of Learning at the Academy, who has 30 years' experience in the field and specialist expertise in procurement fraud.

This masterclass is ideal for those working in procurement, finance, commercial and accountancy roles. It is also suitable for those working in counter fraud roles who wish to refresh or gain additional specialist knowledge. 

Attendees will receive a 20% discount on a future booking on one of the Academy's Professional Certificates or Certified Courses.

Course Module Details

Two hours online teaching.

Entry Requirements



2pm to 4pm 


Live online teaching via Zoom.

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Price: £45.00 (per delegate)
Membership price: £45.00 (per delegate)
Type: Short courses and training
Topic: Skills for managers

Available Dates

June 24, 2021 BOOK




Michael Betts

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