Cifas Digital Fraud Practitioner

Cifas Digital Fraud Practitioner

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the cyber threats faced by an organisation exploring how the risks are manifested on digital technology platforms and how best to respond to and prevent them.

Certified by SFJ Awards, an independent national awarding body, the course will cover the main risk areas experienced by organisations, as well as highlighting key cyber fraud trends.  Delivered in an interactive format and drawing on insightful case studies, it is ideal for anyone responsible for responding to digitally enabled fraud and associated threats in the modern digital economy.

Course Module Details

This foundation programme covers the main risks experienced by digital users and organisations and how to respond to them, as well as highlighting the developing and ever-changing trends and threats involving cyber fraud and security increasingly faced by all sectors.


Module 1: Digital technology and cyber fraud risks

Learn how data is stored and processed on digital devices, and identify the risks.


Module 2: Internet technology risks

Learn how data is transmitted and handled across the internet, and the key risks.


Module 3: Online social engineering fraud risks

From phishing and pharming to romance frauds – understand how social engineering works and how to respond to it.


Module 4: Identifying personal and financial data online

Explore how criminals identify and recover sensitive data online, from the Deep Web and the Dark net to image exploitation and the use of Google search.


Module 5: Malware and Ransomware attacks

Understand how malware and ransomware attack and operate across devices and networks, and how to respond.


Module 6: Cryptography within Cyber Fraud Prevention

Learn how cryptography is used for security, from encryption and hashing to Blockchain.


Module 7: Database hacks and password exposure in insecure systems

Explore how password management systems use hash functions and learn how criminals crack them.


Module 8: Identify denial of service attacks

How databases function, how criminals hack them and steal data, and what can be done to protect them.


Module 9: The prevention of and response to cyber fraud

An overview of the ways to prevent cyber fraud, as well as how to investigate it.

Entry Requirements

This SFJ Awards certified course is ideal for anyone responsible for responding to digitally enabled fraud and associated threats in the modern digital economy, including fraud professionals who need to better understand the online challenge.

Typically you will be in counter fraud  or financial crime with limited or no previous technical training, or embarking on a career in information security and risk. We also welcome learners who are looking to undertake the course as part of a career change. 

Schedule & Teaching

The online delivery teaching of the course is over three days, with three modules delivered from 9:30am-3:30pm with a 45 min lunch break:

9, 16 and 23 May (Online delivery, one day per week, over three weeks)

12, 19 and 26 September (Online delivery, one day per week over three weeks)

A blended practical course - trainer led supported by eLearning modules.

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Course fee: £834.00 (per delegate)
Course fee for Cifas members: £795.00 (per delegate)
Type: Certified courses for specialist skills
Topic: Cyber and online

Available Dates

12/09/2022 BOOK


Accredited by SFJ Awards as part of their Custom Certification Service. Successful learners will receive a Certificate of Completion that confirms them as a certified Cifas Digital Fraud Practitioner.


Mark Johnson

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